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Bandhan -  Bond, tie, joined securely .

When i started designing this collection i was expecting my first child, hence the name 'Bandhan'.

The absence from here and all forums has been for the same reason. These past few months have given me the opportunity to step back and reflect inwardly . The collection subconsciously was inspired by deep inward reflection than looking for inspiration outside. Staying true to the inspiration, the choice of craft was that of Bandhani , the threads when delicately tied together to the fabric; form beautiful patterns allowing dyes to seep in and sometimes not, playing hide and seek, only to show itself once the threads unravel after the process ends. Before the threads unravel, no one, not even the craftsmen knows how will it exactly unveil itself ; it's just an idea or a shadow in our minds.. It was exactly like being pregnant with a child, until it is born, you will not know anything about it, but the bond you will have with it will be from the conception of the seed when planted inside of you.  I truly hope you enjoy this collection like i did creating it, with all the confusion, deep thinking and self reflection, i am hoping i was able to do justice to the inspiration.

The colours of the collection are the 3 colours of the soul- Red, Black and White.

Red for happiness

White for Peace

Black for grit and depth